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POP corrugated cardboard display market analysis

Corrugated cardboard display rack is a kind of POP (Point of purchase) display rack, also known as the POP corrugated cardboard, paper products to the transformation of the advertising media to try a new application, it has direct influence on product sales.Look from the functionality, corrugated display should be focused on bring to the attention of consumers to purchase goods produced before, interest, desire, memory, and a series of psychological activities.In addition to the decoration design element such as color, text and pattern of POP advertising is reflected on the use of function, also must satisfy the display of goods, to convey information and the function of selling goods, and must have a personalized design modelling and structure.Therefore, as one of corrugated cardboard extend in the direction of product development, corrugated cardboard display shelf is unique advantages, make full use of corrugated cardboard itself to meet the use function of alternatives or improve the function of the use of substitutes, create the superior price to win customers.

Foreign market prospect
The use of corrugated cardboard display shelf early in Europe and the United States, is widely used in food, cosmetic, household appliances, alcohol, etc.International POP association has more than 30 years history, has branch and branch offices in many parts of the world, but in Asia, currently has a branch in India.Europe and the United States many packaging companies believe that by making corrugated reveal frame, can improve enterprise's technical level and the enterprise sales ability, thus using the users and manufacturers are very much.In countries such as Japan, Europe and the United States, with the rapid development of economy, especially the rising environmental concerns of the corrugated cardboard display frame is gradually replacing other types of POP reveal frame, used in terminal sales market is very popular, this is because: the European and American countries of consumers trust on television advertising is low.In the United States, television viewers could television advertising to filter out, take the initiative to choose to watch ads, so many foreign businessmen would television advertising as the main means of marketing.In the mode of terminal sales, they are very pay attention to the role of POP display, adopt all kinds of display shelf in the supermarket shopping mall for promotion.

Foreign human resources cost is very high, rarely hire sales staff for product promotion activities in the supermarket, they are more willing to let the display that advertising carrier exercise ACTS as a silent salesman, let consumer through their own judgment, rather than instill to choose their goods from outsiders.
The European and American developed country strong environmental consciousness, corrugated display are environmentally friendly products, the use of corrugated display shelf is beneficial to resource regeneration and recycling, and favored by consumers.At the same time, the government would use environmental protection, energy saving products offer certain policy tilt, such as subsidies and tax breaks.
Germany's World Cup in 2006 led to a great extent the demand of display shelf, was walking in the streets of Germany, eyeful is about the World Cup promotional display or commodity display shelf.Hamburg, Germany STI group is a global leader in packaging and display in one of the few family businesses, has about 1500 employees, six areas have a business in Germany and the Czech republic, has 16 countries throughout Europe sales channel.STI group has two main business areas: corrugated packaging and POP display shelf.The POP display in Germany Grebenhain Priensternau and Neutraublrng region and the Czech republic Rumkurk production.

Corrugated display terminal sales market is indispensable for advertisement carrier
At present, the rapid rise and rapid development of supermarket shopping malls have spread all over our country's primary and secondary urban markets, and occupy part of the coastal areas of level 3 and level 4 city market, as the main terminal sales market.In people's life rhythm faster and faster and form the "one-stop" shopping habits, with large-scale supermarket shopping mall management advantages for customers to provide a large number of high-quality low-priced goods and good shopping environment, has been firmly established dominance of goods terminal sales.
Supermarket use corrugated display can achieve the following objectives: form stores, because the corrugated display extensive use, often can form in the whole store huge publicity shock wave;Realize the psychological suggestion, the characteristics of the corrugated display shelf, with its simple, lightweight, mostly are repeated in the same stores, therefore, often give a person a kind of psychological implications firmly occupy the market;Strengthen the communication, interaction, corrugated display shelf has the form of a simple and lively, in design is concise and striking, rich visual communication effect, and its modelling and text easy to understand, easy to read, have fun and good intuitive aesthetic effect, therefore, corrugated display to show the good affinity, and so a full and comprehensive communication with customers.
Corrugated cardboard display shelf will be indispensable advertising carrier terminal sales market, the domestic development prospects are very optimistic.

Corrugated cardboard display shelf while at home is still in the stage of development, but with the rapid development of modern commodity retail sales and rising global environmental concerns of the corrugated cardboard display market will be bigger and bigger.Now, more and more paper enterprises, will it as a new economic growth point, increase the investment on human, material and financial resources.Experts predicted that the next few years, the corrugated display will usher in the development of the spring, is likely to be another major categories except corrugated carton packaging products.